Kim Ewé takes up position as head coach in Castelfranco Cavaliers.

Head coach and director of sports Kim Ewé has been offered the position as full time head coach for the Italian team Castelfranco Cavaliers. He will finish the current season for the Gold Diggers and then move to Italy to take up this position. The Søllerød Gold Diggers team, players and organization would like to congratulate Kim with this fantastic opportunity and wish him the best in this new and exciting position.

Kim Ewé joined the Gold Diggers back in 2006 and has played an integral part in growing the team and the organization from a small newly started team in the 2nd Division to becoming one of the strongest and best teams in Denmark and Europe.

His philosophy of developing the best players, his knowledge of football and his passion and commitment to the sport and the team has been the foundation of the Gold Diggers’ success over the last 8 years, resulting in a continued strong presence of Gold Diggers players and coaches on the Danish national teams, a large number of young people growing into highly skilled athletes and of course several Challenge Bowl, Junior Bowl and Mermaid Bowl appearances as well as an EFAF Cup win and Euro Bowl quarter final.

There is no doubt that Kim Ewé and his skills and passion will be missed in the Søllerød Gold Diggers, but his philosophy and his teachings will remain, and the organization is currently in discussions with the coaching staff on how to organize the team management to ensure a continued growth of the teams, the coaching staff and the organization.  

The staff may have changed slightly, but the vision remains the same: To develop the best players, coaches and teams.