EFL: Gold Diggers vs. Vienna Vikings

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After a 29-22 win over the Helsinki Wolverines, the Roosters clinched the #1 seed in Division 2 and will travel to Innsbruck to face the Swarco Raiders. The Gold Diggers finished #2 in the group and will meet the highest seed possible in the quarterfinal.

This is none other than the Raiffeisen Vienna Vikings, the #2 team in Europe and defending Austrian champions. The game will be played on the 26th of May at Stadion Hohe Warte in Vienna. 

The game will be the Vikings' first in this years' EFL, as they qualified directly for the quarterfinals by reaching the final last year. On the other hand, the Gold Diggers have fought for the 2nd spot in Division 2 and will now go head-to-head against one of the biggest teams in Europa.

Hopefully the Gold Diggers will be able to put points on the board and show the Vikings why they won the EFAF Cup last year. The Vikings will be live-updating during Saturday's game on their Facebook-page, so use the link hereunder to follow the action and support the Diggers! 

More information on the Vikings

  • Game results from 2009-2013
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • The Raiffeisen Vienna VIkings is sponsored by Austrian bank Raiffeisen and have also been called "Dodge Vienna Vikings" & "Crysler Vienna VIkings". Austrian teams have traditionally had big sponsors name the teams.
  • The Vikings play with an Austrian QB, #8 Christoph Gross. Only Danube and Vienna play with a native quarterback in Austria.